Volunteer opportunities

  • Etiquette Class Teacher - for ages 12 and up - Do you or someone you know teach Etiquette Classes for girls or boys? Our children have missed so many regular development life skills, and they will only listen to their foster parents for "so long". We need help with these subject matters, so that our children can grow into ladies and gentlemen while having confidence and increased self-esteem.

  • Teaching Kitchen - for ages 12 and up - We would love to use a teaching kitchen where we can do a special class for our teens who are close to aging out of DFCS to prepare them with confidence to cook one meal could change their perspective on this main essential of survival.

  • Childcare Volunteer Coordinator - To serve our parents, we provide childcare during our monthly training and association meetings (one half Saturday per month) and other events as needed. We are grateful for a growing roster of volunteers, and are seeking someone talented in the areas of communication, scheduling and coordination of materials and space. We'll screen and maintain the volunteer roster, you'll keep them informed and organized.

  • ESupport Group Professional Moderator - We are seeking a qualified mental health professional to volunteer as facilitator of a support group setting to be available to our parents on a regular basis. If you or someone you know has experience, availability and heart to help us create this, please let us know!

  • Neurofeedback services needed as Amerigroup Providers - Are you in or near DeKalb County and you administer neurofeedback services? We need you! If you are not currently an Amerigroup service provider, please become one. There is a desperate need for Amerigroup providers for our Foster Children.