Receiving a placement

You just received a call about a placement in your home. What do you do now?

Here are the top 20 questions to ask when receiving a placement.

Some Things You Need To Know

  1. Why is the child Coming into foster care?

  2. lf child is being moved, why? How many placements has the child experienced?

  3. Child's full name (and what he/she likes to be called.) D.O.B. & SSN

  4. Who is the child's Case Manager and what is their phone number? Supervisor & phone number.

  5. What is the plan for the child?

  6. What kind of abuse/neglect has the child experienced? Specifically, has the child been Sexually abused?

  7. Can he/she be placed in a room with another child?

  8. Is this child currently feeling upset or traumatized? Why?

  9. Does the child have a history dif emotional or behavior problems? What specifically?

  10. Does this child See a therapist/counselor? Or does he/she need to see one? Should make an appointment?

  11. Is the child involved with other agencies? Probation, ILP, etc

  12. Does this child need to See a doctor within the next few days? Who is the doctor?

  13. Does this child have Medicaid? Are the card and/or number available?

  14. Does the child have Special needs?

  15. Does the child have any allergies? Special dietary needs?

  16. Does child take any medications? Is the medication with the Child?

  17. Does the child have a special toy? Is he/she bringing significant belongings?

  18. Who does child visit? When & Where?

  19. What kind and how frequent is contact allowed? Telephone?

  20. Who is this child attached to?