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Invoice Policy for Over the Counter Medicine: Costs for physician-prescribed over-the-counter medications are reimbursable. Submit receipts with your monthly invoice.

Amerigroup Information

Contact Information

Amerigroup Member Services: 1-800-600-4441

Member Intake Line: 1-855-661-2021 - available 24 hours a day

Pharmacy help desk: 1-800-454-3730

Pharmacy Fax: 1-800-359-5781


Express Scripts mailing address:

Express Scripts

P.O. Box 14711

Lexington, KY 40512

Doctor Information

Note: You can switch your PCP at any time. To learn more about your Amerigroup doctors and other network providers, call Member Services at 1‐800‐600‐4441 (TTY 711).

Doctor Directory:


Provider Directory:

Search by Specialtiy, A to Z Directory, and Search by Name and Distance:

If you receive a bill, send a letter and a copy of the bill to:

Quality Management

Amerigroup Community Care

4170 Ashford Dunwoody Road, Ste. 100

Atlanta, GA 30319

If you need to file a Grievance to Amerigroup

  • By Mail:

Administrative Review and Grievance Dept.

Amerigroup Community Care

4170 Ashford Dunwoody Road, Ste. 100

Atlanta, GA 30319

  • By Phone: 1-855-661-2021 (TTY 771)

  • By Fax: 1-877-842-7183

Vision Insurance

Amerigroup's Vendor is AVESIS for eyeglasses. - Every child can

Members can call Avesis at 1-866-522-5923. (M-F 7am-8pm) or access website at ; click on Vision Care to gain access to AVESIS web portal.

Georgia WIC

Phone: 1-800-228-9173


Download Medical Forms

Dental Form

Medical Check Form

Medication Log

Mileage Log

How do I get extra care for my child?

  1. The Doctor writes a prescription. (for example, OT = Occupational Therapy)

  2. You take the prescription to the OT of your choice (must be an ASP = Amerigroup Service Provider).

  3. The chosen ASP completes an evaluation. They should submit the evaluation to Amerigroup for approval.

  4. Once (or if) Amerigroup approves the work, then you are able to begin the service.

For a child over the age of 3, you are able to go through the school system, however it is not required unless it is already established in their ILP. (Even if it is in their ILP, you can have it removed by setting up a meeting to have the ILP changed.)

Individual care provided is usually more effective because it is focused on the specific child's individual needs. Sometimes in group environments, it can sometimes be general work for the group, and progress is delayed if productive. However, any care (group or individual) is more productive than no care.

What Doctors are covered by Amerigroup?

  • Aerodigestive

  • Allergy & Immunology

  • Cardiology

  • Electrophy

  • Developmental‐Behavioral Pediatrics

  • Endocrinology

  • Family Medicine

  • Gastroenterology and Hepatology

  • Gastroenterology

  • Genetic Counselor

  • Hematology/Oncology

  • Infectious Disease

  • Internal Medicine

  • Maternal Fetal Medicine

  • Nephrology

  • Neurology

  • Neurology/Electrodiagnostic Medicine

  • Neurology/Sleep Medicine

  • OBGYN/Maternal Fetal Medicine

  • Ophthalmologist

  • Otolaryngology

  • Pediatric

  • Pediatric/Endocrinology

  • Pediatric Clinical Psychology

  • Pediatric Endocrinology

  • Pediatric Gastroenterology

  • Pediatric Infectious Disease

  • Pediatric Neurodevelopmental

  • Pediatric Otolaryngology

  • Pediatric Psychology

  • Pediatric Pulmonology

  • Pediatric Surgery

  • Pediatrics

  • Pediatrics/Pathologist

  • Pediatrics Endocrinology

  • Pediatrics Intervention Radiology

  • Pediatric Psychology

  • Psychiatry

  • Psychiatry/Geriatric

  • Pulmonology & Allergy

  • Speech & Language Pathology

  • Transplant/Renal

  • Transplant/Renal & Pancreas

  • Transplant Nephrology

More Amerigroup Benefits

  • Free Boys & Girls Club annual membership ages 6‐18 (excluding summer camps)

  • Free Girl Scouts membership for girls K‐5th grade

  • Discount coupons to local and online retailers

  • Free flu shots at participating pharmacies

  • Even More FREE Stuff? - Here are extras you can take advantage of including... home air filters, a 30 day supply of extra coupons, teen cell phones., and the list goes on.

Foster Parent Approved Docs for our Kids


Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy

Therapist and other Services

Speech Therapy


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