Foster Family Rate Sheet

Region 14 Foster Family Rate Sheet

Document Highlights

  • Invoice Due Date = 25th

  • Per Diem Board Rate

  • Sibling Incentive

    • Sibling incentive can be claimed 3.44 per day per sibling. Read more details below.

  • Clothing Allowance

  • Year Round Enrichment Activities

  • Summer Camp

  • School Supplies

  • Mileage Rates

  • Car Seat and Safety Helmet Reimbursement Rules

  • Supplemental Supervision - Daycare and invoice details

  • Medical or Dental Expense Details - what is not covered by Amerigroup and paid by DFCS

  • Allowances for the Kids

  • Items that Require an Original Receipt

  • Reimbursable Items that Require Prior Approval

  • Non Reimbursable Items

  • Initial Clothing and Annual Clothing Authorization timeline examples